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Buckle, ClaudeClaude Buckle was a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour.

He began as an architect’s assistant and slowly built up connections with major companies illustrating engineering and commercial subjects. He slowly progressed into Fine Art, particularly watercolour.

Claude Buckle has never received the acclaim which his work deserved.

In a series of articles he described how infuriated he became with the length of time the washes took to dry when painting out of doors and subsequently developed a technique of deftly placing the darks in the painting first. This is basically an oil painting technique but he was able to apply it to watercolour painting with great success.

In his appreciation of the artist during the Commemorative Exhibition of Claude Buckle, held in London in 1974, Terence Cuneo, the late railway artist of international repute, wrote of his close friend… "Claude was a gentle soul with a sympathetic understanding of the problems of others and this, together with a lively sense of humour, a steadfast determination and an unassuming humility, was, in part the secret of his success in achieving a position at the forefront of contemporary British watercolour painting".

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