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An Arab Horseman

An Arab Horseman


Watercolours - All - Claude Buckle

Size: 54 x 36 cm

Wall Size : 74 x 54 cm

Superb hand-gilded frame with washline mount.

The Gilding process

The frames are first cut and joined, sanded and prepared for the gesso stage.

6 or 7 coats of gesso are applied to the frames allowing each coat to dry progressively. This builds up a fine , very hard surface which is sanded and fettled to provide a smooth hard surface essential to gilding.

3 coats of Bole are then applied. In the case of gold leaf this is generally a reddish/brown but can be yellow or even black in the case of silver leaf.

The leaf (22 ct Gold) is laid on the surface using a liquor of gold size which draws the leaf onto the gessoed surface.

Each leaf is cut to overlap the previously laid piece, which gives the typical look of gilding by having a double gilded section every 4.

Once hard, the surface is rubbed back to distress the surface as required, using very fine wire wool or pumice powders. This allows a hint of the bole colour to show through.

The surface is then burnished using an agate burnishing tool to bring the best out of the gold, making the highlights more sumptuous and reflective.

A final coat of shellac seals the surface to retain its lustre.