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Wesson, EdwardEdward Wesson was a noted watercolour demonstrator and teacher. Wesson travelled to art societies all over the country, from the Borders in the North to the Isle of Wight in the South, and from Plymouth in the West to Kings Lynn in the East. Edward Wesson performed to packed houses throughout the UK, often to standing room only. These were terrific evening entertainment punctuated by jokes, bawdy remarks and sideline sketches, whilst the main watercolour demo was drying.

The watercolour board was positioned at 15 degrees out of vertical, the top nearest the artist's head; Wesson applied the wash with great gusto with one huge sweep at the top of the sheet. Then he would turn his back to the wash whilst telling a funny aside. Meanwhile the audience screamed "the wash is dripping onto the floor Mr Wesson!!". Then he would mix another colour, turn around and dash it on top of the first drying wash. Two or three more flicks of the brush followed by a couple of rich darks and there would be a superb piece of English countryside.

Ted Wesson was a master of the art of demonstrating watercolour painting, the most difficult medium of all. This was an exposition of tremendous skill and verve.

Few other watercolour artists, before or since, could produce such a scintillating piece of work with such economy as Edward Wesson. It was impossible to get on Wesson's teaching courses at Philipps House, Dinton, without joining a waiting list usually of three years or more.

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